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Group Programs
Students participate in two classes per week
Classes range in size from 10 to 20 students

Children Group Program

$109.00 per month /
first month payment is

Little Dragons (ages 4 - 6)
Preteens (ages 7 - 12)

The children’s programs at Oriental Arts revolve around the school ideals: respect, self-discipline and self-control.
It is our aim to instill in each child a firm understanding of these guiding principles as they are introduced to the basic fundamentals of kempo, including, but not limited to: stances, blocks, punches, kicks and self-defense maneuvers. 
The striping system utilized at Oriental Arts recognizes the young student’s need for regular, attainable benchmarks throughout the course of study.
Each child can expect to improve on their focus, balance and coordination through both team and individual work in a fun, positive environment.
Adult Group Program

$109.00 per month /
first month payment is

Junior Adult (ages 13 - 17)
Adult (ages 18 and up)

The adult programs at Oriental Arts aim to reinforce the guiding principles (respect, self-discipline and self-control) through a more intense, comprehensive study of the kempo style.  
More targeted attention is given to the application of kempo in situations requiring self-defense. 
Each student can expect to participate in both individual and teamwork activities in addition to having personal interaction with the instructor.
Students will reap the benefits of increased mental focus and physical fitness in their lives.

*First month payment for these programs includes uniform, belt, patch and first month of lessons


Special Programs
Special Offers


         Black Belt Club

Children - $169.00 per month /
first month payment is $219.00*

Adults - $169.00 per month /
first month payment is $219.00*

The BBC program affords each participating student one semi-private class (0-5 people) per week in addition to the two group sessions per week. 
Semi-private classes cater to the specific needs of participants to maximize achievement.

*First month payment includes uniform, belt, patch and first month of lessons.

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         Private Instruction

All ages

$30.00 per 30 minute session

Private lessons provide the student the ultimate opportunity to refine his/her kempo skills via one-on-one instruction.

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          Kardio Kempo

Ages 16 and up

$125.00 every six weeks /
first-time payment is $175.00**

The Kardio Kempo program incorporates basic kempo movements into a 45 minute workout twice weekly. 
Participants will focus on improving their cardiovascular health while also reaping the benefits of light strength training and target stretching.  Special emphasis is given to proper execution of the exercises to maximize workout results while minimizing chance of injury. 

**First-time payment includes gloves, jump rope,
t-shirt and the first six weeks of
Kardio Kempo classes.

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          Birthday Parties  

All ages 

$225.00 for a party of 1.5 hours / 
$100.00 deposit to lock in the date

Birthday parties are available on Saturdays at 1:00 p.m. by appointment only. Reservations must be made at least 2 weeks in advance.


From start to finish, holding your birthday party at our dojo is a no-brainer. It is a new, fun alternative to the typical birthday celebration. Although birthday parties are typically held for children at the dojo, don’t hesitate to request something different! We will be happy to accommodate your group.

What does Oriental Arts do?

  • We provide you with invitations that you mail out to all of your attendees
  • We teach a 45 minute lesson covering the basics of kempo karate
  • We entertain the guests with 45 minutes of games customizable to the birthday celebrant
  • We provide a piñata filled with candy and headbands for the guests
  • We gift a new uniform to the birthday celebrant &  2 weeks of free lessons to all invitees
  • We provide the balloons

What does the host do?


  • The host mails out the invitations to all of the attendees (up to 15 children are included).
  • The host shows up the day of the party with the necessary food, cake and paper goods desired for the party.  Additional decorations should also be brought in by the host if desired.  NO ICE CREAM CAKES PLEASE.



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         Special Offers

Family Discount

Is more than one member of your immediate family interested in practicing at Oriental Arts?
If so, please know that we encourage family participation by offering a 15% discount to each additional family member that signs up for an Oriental Arts program.  NOTE: Highest program is rendered at full price. Each additional program of equal or lesser value receives the 15% discount.

Guest Pass

Not sure if martial arts are your style?
Print out a guest pass to try out our classes for a two week trial period. Free of charge!

New Student Offer

Thinking about trying martial arts for the first time with Oriental Arts?
Be sure to print out and present our online coupon to receive 25% off the first month payment (Valued between $33.00 and $50.00 depending on program selected).

Member Referral Program

Are you a current Oriental Arts student?
Did you send a new student our way?
Be sure to have your friend mention your name and we will send a $25.00 gift certificate your way!  Good on any Oriental Arts merchandise or service.

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